About Us

AMP Corporation officially began in the year 2000. We are a non-profit, just-for-fun hobbyist media group that makes movies, music, and series that we show our friends and family, and sometimes display on YouTube at our channel, amppro5. Though we have no budget for our projects and never make any monetary profit, we always enjoy the feedback we get that helps us to improve, and most importantly, we appreciate the fun and enjoyment we get from spending time together doing something productive.

Over the years, we've created over 170 projects, including (at last count) roughly 110 films, 30 series or seasons of a series, and 25 music albums.

Our "corporation" is currently divided into four main divisions, all of which are listed and explained under the "Divisions" tab. Each division specializes in certain types of productions and adds a unique image and flair to its projects.

Throughout the years, many individuals have contributed to AMPCorp. You can see some current active members under the "AMPCorp Family" tab.

Thanks for visiting our website! We've enjoyed the last decade (plus) of creating unique media projects. It is always a joy to be doing something productive with friends, and though we don't profit monetarily from our projects, we have grown from the experiences of working together and building relationships and skills. We hope to continue with this well into the future.

You can find our YouTube page, amppro5, at https://www.youtube.com/user/amppro5?feature=mhee.

Thanks for visiting!

A Brief History by Year


The Early Years

AMPCorp is established, and as a group of kids with an interest in filmmaking, relies on parents and old technolgy for many of its early projects. Many of these early films do not have strong plots, and very little post-production work is possible. These early years set the scene and spark the interest for future projects.



-AMP Corporation is not officially formed, but Martin and Peter and their cousin Andrew make many films during their visits together.



-Andrew has the idea to create a production company, AMP Productions. The first film officially released as an AMP Production is entitled "AMP Classics."

-Martin expands the company to include projects that he and Peter make on their own, considering the different production groups as being part of a collective AMP Corporation.

-AMP Corporation consists of AMP Productions, NS Productions, GK Productions, SH Productions and LOVE Productions by the end of the year.

-"GK Star Trek" series begins at GK Productions. The series continues through 2003, creating no more than 3 episodes per year. This project begins to involve Philip Krieg and his sisters in filmmaking.

-"The Fair" series, the first steady series to be organized into seasons, begins at NS Productions. It is more or less an educational variety show geared towards children.



-AMP Productions begins to slow down and NS Productions creates by far most of the projects for the year; NS Productions is king.

-SH Productions also creates several films in the summer.

-"The Fair" continues into season II.

-"GK Star Trek" continues. The series tends to be the highest quality AMPCorp project, but the series as an entity is disorganized.



-"The Fair" continues briefly into season III; though a few episodes would be filmed in 2003, they are only absorbed into season III.

-Charlotte Ferris is introduced to video making in a pilot episode of a series that never continues.

-"Journeys," a series that develops AMPCorp's storytelling abilities, lasts one year at AMP Productions.

-"GK Star Trek" continues.



-With "Journeys" ending and "GK Star Trek" also coming to its conclusion, much time and ambition is channeled into a large new project, which becomes "James Crabb: Hermit Crab Adventures."

-"James Crabb" is billed as a D-Dowd Production, a division that replaces SH and LOVE Productions.

-"James Crabb" is such a large project that it takes up nearly all of the production for the year at AMPCorp. It involves Martin and Peter Groff, Charlotte Ferris, Philip Krieg, and Brian and Emily Smith, all of whom continue to be major parts of AMPCorp into the future.

-Season I of "James Crabb" is finished by the end of the year, a year that forever changes AMPCorp. NS Productions, which once was the most powerful division, never recovers from these changes, and ends up making only one new project after 2003.


The Classic Years

AMPCorp begins to use computer editing and switches entirely to digital filming. Most projects are written, directed, and produced by the filmmakers as they enter their teenage years. Lasting and foundational projects like the Agent 07 films and Beat's Myth premier, and while still relatively primative, major improvements are made to quality and production technique.



-At the beginning of 2004, old editing techniques are still used at AMPCorp. The Groff Brothers Productions is created to make documentaries, but still uses old methods at its opening.

-At the beginning of the year, AMP Productions gains a new series, which at the time is very high quality. It is called "What a Witch," but season I is cut short and the series isn't continued in favor of "James Crabb." "What a Witch" is the first series that Brian and Emily Smith become heavily involved in, but they shift their energies to "James Crabb" for the rest of the year.

-Season II of "James Crabb" takes up all production for the summer.

-In the fall of the year, new computer editing software is integrated into AMPCorp projects. This drastically increases the quality of films, allowing projects to be edited with music and additional special effects. Furthermore, it allows projects to be burned onto DVD.

-These new methods stifle the creation of new short video series in favor of longer length movies. Computer editing is the most influential factor leading to the demise of "James Crabb."

-The first computer edited project is the GK Production of "What Lies Six Feet Under." A D-Dowd Production, "On All Hallows' Eve" is soon to follow.

-Hanoverdale Productions is created to produce inspirational movies, while Schoolhouse Cinema Productions is opened for educational films.



-AMPCorp divisions adjust to computer editing technologies and the new methods of doing things at the coporation.

-GK Productions slides into new production methods, creating a franchise of feature films, "Philip Krieg." The franchise is expected to continue with more films, but its future is a bit unclear at first, and the second Philip Krieg film to follow its first, "Now or Never," is only created more than a year after.

-AMP Productions considers what to do with its "What a Witch" series, and decides to focus on longer length films in light of new computer editing. A feature length "What a Witch" movie is made instead of a second season, and several other films are made during the year.

-D-Dowd Productions has a difficult time deciding what to do about "James Crabb." Several feature length films are made in the division throughout the year, including the comedy "A Happy Camper." However, only in the fall is it decided to finish out "James Crabb" with a third season, which ends up being short but sweet. It is the final project to be complete using primarily old AMPCorp production methods.

-"On All Hallows Eve 2" is filmed in the fall, and the franchise ends up being D-Dowd Production's main activity for three more years.

-Beat's Myth, AMPCorp's first music band, is formed by Brian Smith and Martin and Peter Groff this year. GK Music, its official record label, lags behind in formation, but becomes official in 2006. Beat's Myth records 4 albums in its first year.

-Hanoverdale Productions creates several high quality projects for the year, and becomes the leader in quality at AMPCorp.

-NS Productions is reserved for low quality projects, but is only used once more before it becomes obselete.



-D-Dowd Productions enters a "sci-fi craze" as it attempts to create a new image, constructing a new logo and focusing on science fiction "Star Trek" type projects for the year, in addition to the "On All Hallows' Eve 3" horror film.

-GK Productions posthumously organizes and restores the "GK Star Trek" series. Two Philip Krieg films are made near the end of the year, a sure sign that the franchise will continue.

-AMP Productions creates two high quality films for the year, "Something in the Woods" and "Centurion."

-GK Music produces 2 albums with Beat's Myth.

-Hanoverdale Productions continues to display high quality filmmaking.

-NS Productions creates its final new project in its lifetime, a satire entitled "The Sound of Rap."



-At the beginning of 2007, it is clear that the Philip Kreig franchise is the most vigorous in AMPCorp, and that its quality is increasing drastically. By the end of the year, it becomes the flagship franchise of AMPCorp, bringing GK Productions to the forefront with it. Two more films are created this year.

-AMP Productions produces season II of "What a Witch" after a hiatus of 2 years. "What a Witch" season II is the first series of short videos at AMPCorp to use new computer editing technology, and for many years remains the only series of short videos in the corporation.

-Beat's Myth produces two albums for the year.

-D-Dowd Productions begins to exist only on one steady franchise, with the discontinuation of all "Star Trek" projects and the focus on "On All Hallows Eve 4."

-Hanoverdale Productions creates its last project of new material. Quality begins to falter after this year.



-GK Productions creates three Philip Kreig films for the year, each with high quality. However, the largest planned project, "Placed Into Peril," is completed with less than anticipated results due to scheduling difficulties that push production off for several months.

-"What a Witch" continues into a third season, and reaches its high point in quality.

-D-Dowd Productions creates its fifth and final "On All Hallows' Eve" film, leaving a void in steady production for the next year.

-The largest project of the summer is the "James Crabb Reunion," which reunites all former recurring members of the series for a feature length film, one of the largest productions in AMPCorp history. The reunion fixes many of the problems that were in the original series but keeps the essence of the franchise alive.

-Beat's Myth creates two new albums for the year, marking new benchmarks in recording quality at GK Music.

-At the tail end of the year, AMPCorp creates a YouTube account, amppro5.



-In 2009, the main projects at AMPCorp remain Philip Krieg pictures, but this becomes increasingly evident. Three films are created this year. Quality of the series reaches drastic new heights this year as the franchise gains a small following for AMPCorp on YouTube.

-D-Dowd Productions has no projects for the year, reaching an all time low. Questions appear concerning the division's future, because during 2009, NS Productions, once a powerful division, is slated to shut down by 2010. It is uncertain whether D-Dowd Productions is heading in the same direction.

-"What a Witch" continues into its fourth season, but quality and devotion to the series becomes visibly compromised. Nevertheless, the series is confirmed for a fifth season.

-Beat's Myth marks its fifth anneversary, creating two albums for the year, but deciding to create only one larger album per year from now on.

-Schoolhouse Cinema Productions is absorbed into AMP Productions at the end of the year, as the division failed to expand to compete with the other divisions at AMPCorp, and its concept seems obselete.

-NS Productions is considered defunct for 2010. This ends a long history of one of the original divisions at AMPCorp, which was once the most powerful, but failed to adjust to changing times and images.


The Golden Years

AMPCorp enters its most productive period. Switching to a higher-quality camera and new editing software, as well as innovating new production techniques, the group raises its quality level by leaps and bounds. All three of AMPCorp's most storied projects, the Agent 07 franchise, "The Charlotte Ferris Show," and Beat's Myth, coexist in this time, allowing AMPCorp to establish a solid YouTube presence with regular releases.



-AMPCorp enters the new decade with a fresh new image, now short of two former divisions, with all surviving brands receiving new logos. Expectations are high that this will be a big year for the corporation, and that a big second decade will follow.

-"Philip Krieg" continues to be AMPCorp's leading franchise, creating two movies for the year. Production in the fall of 2010 is merged with production in the winter of 2011 with hopes of creating a higher quality film by reducing the quantity. The year's projects are hailed as the best Philip Krieg films ever.

-D-Dowd Productions has a large comeback in 2010, creating two feature films, and starting a new series of short films, the first sitcom ever at AMPCorp, "The Charlotte Ferris Show." This sitcom sets new precedents for not only quality of short video series at AMPCorp, but also release methods. Finally D-Dowd Productions seems to have created the new image it needs to continue vigorously into the future.

-AMP Productions decides to cancel "What a Witch" after season five, due to loss of interest and quality.

-AMP Corporation as a whole gears towards quality, not quantity, by cutting down on the amount of projects and consolidating brands, with hopes of creating stronger, better images.

-GK Music produces one album for Beat's Myth, a higher quality endevor.



-2011 marks a year of new precidents at AMPCorp, with multiple new series, more ambitious films, and higher quality throughout the entire Corporation.

-Season II of "The Charlotte Ferris Show," which began production in 2010, is finished and released on YouTube to positive reviews. The series is the first project able to compete with the Philip Krieg franchise in over 5 years. Production on season three begins in the summer, set to be completed by the winter of 2012 for releases in the spring. Season three greatly expands on characters, plots, and settings.

-D-Dowd Productions begins production for a new sitcom, "Three Too Many," in the spring, releasing it starting in the late summer. The sitcom finds comparable popularity to "The Charlotte Ferris Show," but is not quite as acclaimed. Nevertheless, it is a great start and first season.

-Philip Krieg and GK Productions remain at the forefront of AMPCorp, leading by far in the realm of feature films. "Meeting With Destiny" in the winter is the biggest and best Philip Kreig picture yet, and "Gone Rogue," the summer Philip Kreig film, becomes the biggest production in AMPCorp history to date and the best Philip Krieg film ever, with its ambitious plot, use of settings, and action sequences. GK Productions also decides to once again merge fall and winter filming to create its first 2012 Philip Kreig film.

-AMP Productions begins the year with one failed planned project, but by the summer, plans are created for a new unique project that will help to set the division apart from D-Dowd and GK Productions and hopefully turn it around, leading it back to being the flagship division of AMPCorp. This is "The AMP Variety Show," the first variety show since "The Fair" ended in 2003. The first season is released in the late fall/early winter.

-GK Music produces one album for Beat's Myth this year, using new recording methods to enhance quality, entitled "East Wind." The album ends up being a new benchmark for music quality and also features some of the best music videos.



-GK Productions and the Philip Krieg franchise have their biggest year ever, starting out with "Dead or Alive" in the winter, and especially with "Black Abyss," the biggest production ever to be seen so far at AMPCorp, in the summer.

-"The Charlotte Ferris Show" season III is released in the spring to positive reviews. Production size increases still further when season IV begins production in the summer.

-"Three Too Many" season II is even better recieved than season I, due to new characters and better structure to the series.

-"The AMP Variety Show" season II is better structured than season I, with improved music acts and other refinements that add to the enjoyment of the series, even though it is shorter than season I.

-AMP Productions produces "First in Justice," opening up the new Robert First super hero franchise. This is the division's first feature film since 2010.

-GK Music expands massively this year, adding four new acts to the core Beat's Myth band, and officially splitting organization into two sub-labels: Beat's Myth Records for bands and Rikkel Records for solo artists. Beat's Myth releases its album "True," The Ampettes release "Meet the Ampettes," Charlotte Ferris releases "Something Good in Store," and Robyn Moore releases "The Mrs. Beethoven." Crosspoint Records is another subdivison that produces an album with all GK Music artists, a Christmas album called "The Time of Year."

-GK Productions releases the first season of its first short series since "GK Star Trek" in 2003: "Blackwater," which is a crime drama.

-GK Music also produces a live concert movie with all its artists called "Something Good in Store: The Ultimate GK Music Concert Movie."

-D-Dowd Productions releases a Halloween drama shortfilm called "Rectified."



-GK Productions produces two films for the year: "Do or Die," and its followup "Shadows of the Past," which due to changing situations for the cast and crew, becomes the final Philip Krieg film. With its biggest franchise ending, it becomes apparent that after years of expansion, some major changes will soon be coming to the group. The second season of "Blackwater" is also released this year. 

-"The Charlotte Ferris Show" season IV is the biggest season yet, and recives positive reviews after its release. Season V quickly goes into production.

-"Three Too Many" releases a shorter final season, but still has a respectable showing. After the season is completed, some of the more recent members of AMPCorp part ways, but the main core group remains intact and focused.

-"The AMP Variety Show" goes into its final season due to poor viewership in the previous year.

-The Robert First franchise continues with "First in Crime."

-GK Music releases more material from several of its artists.



-To replace the Philip Krieg films, a large project by the all new Eclipse Pictures is filmed internationally, and released in the summer, "Recommendation: Termination." It becomes the flagship short film of the year, though the status of flagship and central project overall goes to "The Charlotte Ferris Show" at D-Dowd Productions. GK Productions also quickly produces a brief final season of "Blackwater" to ease into the post-Philip Krieg era.

-"The Charlotte Ferris Show" continues to be popular, with viewers and especially the cast and crew at D-Dowd Productions. Season VI goes into production with a major refresh, including new music and a freshened style. "People on the Street," an art film produced internationally, is also released, the first in a style that will begin to expand throughout AMPCorp.

-With "First in Action," the Robert First franchise ends its run as a trilogy. AMP Productions replaces it with a more whimsicle, aesthetic project, "A Cat's Life." "The AMP Variety Show" is replaced with an educational travel program, "Around the World: In Three Minutes."

-GK Music downsizes its amount of projects, with the Ampettes disbading, and a focus on shorter EPs by artists like Charlotte Ferris. Beat's Myth continues on strong, however, and releases a full album.



-2015  marks 15 Years of AMPCorp history, and to celebrate, each division releases a LEGACY 15 project, in addition to other specials and montages. LEGACY 15 projects are reboots, remakes, rerecordings or sequels to classic projects, and include: D-Dowd Productions' "The Amazing James Crabb" series, AMP Productions' "Your Friendly Neighborhood Ghost Busters" film, A special Beat's Myth music video at GK Music, and a new "GK Star Trek" film at GK Productions.

-2015 is also the 10th Anniversary of the first Philip Krieg film, and to celebrate this, GK Productions releases a thorough re-edit of the original 5 Agent 07 films into one long movie. It also releases another Eclipse Picture filmed internationally at the end of the year, "In the Balance." 

-Continuing changing situations with the cast and crew at D-Dowd Productions make it clear that "The Charlotte Ferris Show" will suffer the same fate as the Agent 07 films. In the spring, the sitcom enters its final season with a bang.

-AMP Productions continues its series from the previous year, and produces its first highly abstract avant-garde film, "Summer Watching." Released through Vanguard Pictures, this new style predicts the future of AMP Productions and trends in AMPCorp as a whole, to smaller scale but more contemplative art film projects.

-GK Music releases "Mists," a major album by Beat's Myth, and a smaller EP by Robyn Moore.


The Post-Downsizing Years

As AMPCorp members move away, making projects harder to produce, the group is forced to downsize. Most energy goes into a few core projects, but smaller periphery projects allow the group members to continue experimenting and keep a steady presence on YouTube. There is increasing interest in artistic experimentation with storytelling, style, and technique. Quality continues to improve, albeit at a slower rate, and all projects switch to full HD.



-GK Productions produced "Wages of Sin," a re-edit of the second 5 Agent 07 films featuring the SIN Agency. "Means to an End," an Eclipse Picture in a noir style, was released at the end of the year.

-"The Charlotte Ferris Show" will released its series finale as a part of its seventh and final season in the spring. Work began on a spinoff, and a pilot was released during the summer. D-Dowd Productions also released "The Transcendentalist," an art film, and "Comedy Moments," a new series of short web-styled comedy clips from Flicker Pictures.

-AMP Productions' series "Around the World" and "A Cat's Life" continued, and "Autumn Watching" was released as a second experimental film from Vanguard Pictures.

-GK Music released one album for the year with three music videos, Beat's Myth's 19th album "Inverted."



-The future of AMPCorp continues to trend toward the art film genre. As the group is no longer able to commit to dazzling projects like "Black Abyss," shorter and more abstract art films seem a more sustainable alternative that still allow for great amounts of creativity.

-GK Productions releases "Slides," which features a scene directed by the old Agent 07 production team Groff-Krieg-Groff, which has been unable to film all together for years.

-"Charlotte Ferris Today" releases its premier seasion. A second season of "Comedy Moments" and a Halloween film "A Haunting," which features Ashlin Groff in her first major role, are also released.

-AMP Productions continues its two series and produced another avant-garde short film, called "Vernal Watching."

-GK Music released Beat's Myth's 20th and final album, "Mirror," which included several experimental tracks. Recording was becoming unsustainable as life changes made it harder for the whole band to get together. GK Music also makes a major foray into audio dramas with "Westerly," a horror series in the style of an old radio show.



-GK Productions releases the Agent 07 re-edit "Tangents and Parallels" as well as "Safe House," groundbreaking becuase it features the return of the Groff-Krieg-Groff production team for most of the film. The success of the project lays the groundwork for the return of Agent 07 next year.

-"Charlotte Ferris Today" continues as D-Dowd Productions' flagship project, with "Comedy Moments" continuing as a secondary project. The division also releases "The Eternal Gift," a Christmas drama through Storyline Pictures.

-AMP Productions continues with "Around the World" and "A Cat's Life," with "Winter Watching" rounding out its season-based defamiliarization projects.

-GK Music expands its audio drams with a second season of "Westerly" and a longer feature drama called "Star to Star." The only music project for the year is a short EP by Charlotte Ferris called "Spontaneous Notes."



-The big news of the year is the return of Agnet 07 in "Never and Always." The film goes back tot he franchise's roots, exchanging big action scenes and locations for a suspenseful storyline and high production quality. Agent 07 returns to its place as AMPCorp's flagship project, as "Charlotte Ferris Today" ends its run.

-D-Dowd Productions cancells "Charlotte Ferris Today" after three seasons. With its predecessor "The Charlotte Ferris Show," CF Pictures has produced 100 episodes and 10 seasons since 2010, but producers feel it is time to move on. D-Dowd Productions continues "Comedy Moments."

-AMP Productions continues with its short series.

-2019 is a slow year for AMPCorp as a whole, but it is particularly slow for GK Music, which produces no new music for the year. Its only project is the third and final season of the audio drama "Westerly."



-AMPCorp ramps up production for its twentieth anniversary, with a mixture of new and old, nostalgic and artistic. The coronavirus pandemic forces some rewrites and production changes, with several projects being completed remotely. This also opens up new possabilities for filming at a distance in the future.

-GK Productions releases "Agent Framed," re-editing two of the best Agent 07 movies, alongside "Cut to the Chase," an all-new Agent 07 film with a classic feel.

-D-Dowd Productions premiers an all-new sitcom to take the place of "Charlotte Ferris Today." "How Does That Make You Feel?" introduces a more complex frame story with new themes and a different feel from its long-running predecessor. The division also releases a zaney comedy called "Superfast," hearkening to "The Amazing James Crabb," as well as a dark psychological horror film "Shadow in the Dark" and its perennial "Comedy Moments," filmed remotely.

-AMP Productions starts the year with an experimental film, "Out of Focus," which uses the group's very first camera for artistic effect. The division continues its two long-running series "A Cat's Life" and "Around the World," and also releases a "Heritage 2020 Retrospective" film featuring old clips and new interviews with all AMPCorp producers.

-GK Music returns to music by introducing Mythos, which mixes new style with legacy acts. It also continues its audio drama venture with "Star to Star 2."

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The Beginning of AMPCorp

My cousin Andrew, my brother Peter and myself (Martin) had been making video projects since before the year 2000, but never had any offical name for them. Starting in the year 2000 we decided to create AMP Productions (AMP standing for Andrew, Martin and Peter). Since that time, the diversification of our projects caused us to create various divisions, collectively called AMP Corporation. Many things have changed since the early AMP Productions of many years ago, but we always try to improve and enhance our projects as we move forward.