Our Team

Martin Groff

AMPCorp Executive:

Martin Groff has been involved with AMPCorp since the very beginning, and was key to its founding. He is involved in every project and has been a big part since the earliest productions, contributing to scripting, editing, acting and filming. He is the main editor, organizer, and writer of most projects, and runs this website and the amppro5 YouTube channel. 



Charlotte Ferris

D-Dowd Productions Executive:

Charlotte Ferris joined AMPCorp in 2002 for a pilot series that never got off the ground, but became a major part of the group in 2003 with the James Crabb series, and later with the "On All Hallows' Eve" franchise. She was a founding member of D-Dowd Productions, the group which housed those projects, and has been the leading force there ever since. After fading away a little bit in 2008/2009, Charlotte returned for the sitcom "The Charlotte Ferris Show" and later its spinoff "Charlotte Ferris Today," AMPCorp's current flagship project. Charlotte won "Best Actress" in the LAF Awards of 2011, 2012, and 2013. She is a very talented actress and adds much on screen to every project she participates in.

Philip Krieg

GK Productions Executive:
Philip Krieg has been involved in GK Productions since the beginning of AMPCorp, originally with the GK Star Trek series. After being involved in some other projects such as James Crabb, Philip became the lead role in the Philip Krieg action series which was the flagship franchise of AMPCorp. He continues to appear in various projects and produce films such as the Philip Krieg re-edits. Philip contributes much to the storylines and screenplay of each project he participates in.



Peter Groff

AMP Productions Executive:

Peter Groff has been involved in AMPCorp since its founding as well, and has been a leading actor and choreographer in the Philip Krieg and other similar films, "The Charlotte Ferris Show," Beat's Myth, and many other projects. Peter contributes much to most AMPCorp projects.



Brian Smith

GK Music Executive:

Brian Smith became involved in videos in 2004, and since then has been involved in many series from the early "James Crabb" to the more recent "What a Witch" and Robert First films. Brian is a founding member of the band Beat's Myth and is most passionate about the musical aspect of AMPCorp. He adds a lot through his guitar playing to every song he participates in.




Emily Smith


Emily Smith really became active in AMPCorp in 2004 with the "What a Witch" series and then "James Crabb." She has been involved in many movies and "The Charlotte Ferris Show" in later seasons. Emily is also in the band Beat's Myth, after becoming more involved in the music aspect of AMPCorp. Her talent in acting and vocals contributes much to every project she participates in.

Robyn Moore


Robyn Moore started at AMPCorp in 2011 with a starring role in "Three Too Many." After broadening into other projects, including "The Charlotte Ferris Show," the Philip Krieg franchise and "Around the World" series, she broke into the musical aspect of AMPCorp with her lovely voice and piano performances. A former member of The Ampettes and solo pianist, Robyn has helped AMPCorp to broaden the scope of its projects. Robyn won Best Supporting Actress in the 2013 LAF Awards.

Ben Carpenter


Ben Carpenter was involved in a few small AMP projects prior to 2011, but entered his first major starring role in the D-Dowd Production sitcom, "Three Too Many." Along with recurring roles in "The Charlotte Ferris Show" as Nick and the Philip Krieg films as Thirteen, Ben has contributed many creative energies to various films and series at AMPCorp.