Presenting: Mythos

06/30/2020 16:23
This year, GK Music is launching a new act, Mythos, to keep the musical creativity flowing at GK Music. Strictly, Mythos is the professional music production name for Martin Groff, but the act also sometimes features other former members of Beat's Myth and other GK Music acts as much as possible....

Production for "Cut to the Chase" is Complete!

06/13/2020 16:39
GK Productions has wrapped up production for Cut to the Chase, the 22nd Agent 07 film. Following a few months after the events of Never and Always, which was Agent 07's big return after a six year absense of new material, Cut to the Chase features several new locations, new characters, and a few...

COVID-19 Updates

05/12/2020 12:36
To this point, AMPCorp projects have been relatively unaffected by the COVID-19. The shutdowns are beginning to have some ripple effects, particularly as we continue plan projects for the rest of 2020. See out updates below by division. We certainly wish you the best in the coming months and hope...

Early 2020 Updates from Around AMPCorp

01/11/2020 12:08
|||GK Productions The new Agent 07 movie, currently with the working title PK22, is in pre-production. A rough script has been written, but the producers discussed some changes last month which will be completed before the project goes into major production later this year. A few preliminary scenes...

Introducing "How Does That Make You Feel?" - An All New Sitcom from D-Dowd Productions

01/11/2020 11:50
At the beginning of January, How Does That Make You Feel?, an all new sitcom from D-Dowd Productions, went into production. Production should be completed by the end of this month; the series' 10 episodes will be released Fridays starting in March. Starring Martin Groff, Ashlin Groff, and Charlotte...

Heritage 2020: Celebrating 20 Years of AMPCorp

10/07/2019 12:26
Starting in January, AMPCorp will be celebrating its 20th anniversary. AMP Productions started in January 2000, and with GK Productions coming later that year, and sister divisions D-Dowd Productions and GK Music starting in 2003 and 2005 respectively. To celebrate 20 years of memories, AMPCorp has...

Autumn Updates

10/07/2019 12:15
✧D-Dowd Productions "Charlotte Ferris Today" Season III production is almost complete. This final season will be fully completed by mid-January. Releases will begin in March. "The Eternal Gift," a short and heartwarming Christmas film, has been released on YouTube. It makes a great start to the...

The Series Finale of "Charlotte Ferris Today"

05/03/2019 15:33
The 100th and final episode of the combined "The Charlotte Ferris Show" and its spinoff "Charlotte Ferris Today" premiered today, May 3, 2019. After ten seasons between the two shows, the final two episodes took a heartwarming look back at the series which followed Charlotte, John, and their...

Production of "Never and Always" is Complete

03/27/2019 18:04
Agent 07 is back! GK Productions has announced the completion of production for Never and Always, the twenty-first Philip Krieg movie, and the first since Shadows of the Past was released in 2013. The short film will run about 16 minutes--the shortest Agent 07 project since 2009, but comparable to...

"Charlotte Ferris Today" is Complete! Updates and Episodes List

02/27/2019 15:08
In January, the third and final season of Charlotte Ferris Today was completed. Principal production had taken place over the summer, but a few scenes with guest stars needed to be filmed to complete the season and the series for 2019. The first episode will premier March 1st, with new episodes...
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