"Safe House" Premiers June 15th

06/01/2018 09:02
From the producers of "Slides" and the Agent 07 films, "Safe House," the newest short film from GK Productions, will premier on June 15th. It is about 18 minutes in length and features several interesting and beautiful locations. The film follows two witnesses of a murder as the viewer gradually...

"Charlotte Ferris Today" Episode Order Released

03/06/2018 14:30
"Charlotte Ferris Today" Season II will premier on March 9th, with new episodes coming every Friday into May. Like last year, the new season will feature ten episodes, with new laughs, developments, and surprises! Trailers for the new season have hinted at a romantic relationship developing between...

"Star to Star" - The Latest GK Music Radio Drama

01/09/2018 17:14
GK Music ventured into the genre of audio or radio dramas in 2017 with "Westerly," a spooky series of mysteries that released new 5-minute episodes weekly in October. Now, AMPCorp is kicking off 2018 with a longer version of that genre, a sci-fi project called "Star to Star." At about 17 minutes,...

Production of "A Haunting" is Complete!

11/07/2017 16:36
D-Dowd Productions has completed production of its latest Storyline Picture, "A Haunting." The last Storyline Picture to be released was "VOiCES" in 2015, but Storyline's sister group Airbrush Pictures, another D-Dowd Productions group, released "The Transcendentalist" last year. Unlike Airbrush...

Beat's Myth's Final Song

11/07/2017 16:03
In April, as recording began for Beat's Myth's 20th album, "Mirror," the band announced that after 12 years, they would stop recording together after completing that final project. The decision had been in the works for a long time; interest in the band had ebbed and flowed over the years, with...

Autumn Updates

11/07/2017 15:55
✧D-Dowd Productions Production of "A Haunting" is complete. This film, which combines Christmas and Halloween aesthetics, will be released on December 1st, 2017. The film follows a disturbed man who believes he is seeing his dead wife, and his psychiatrist, who insists that it is only a dream. But...

"Slides" Production Complete

08/23/2017 16:22
GK Productions and Eclipse Pictures have completed production of "Slides" as of August 21st, with a few on-location shots for the archives scene. The rest of production had been completed on August 5th, when Martin Groff, Philip Krieg, and Peter Groff, the producers of the project, were able to...

Mid-Summer Updates

07/04/2017 18:38
June was a busy month for AMPCorp, with several projects making considerable progress. ✧D-Dowd Productions "Charlotte Ferris Today" Season II went into production early in the month. This season will contain 10 episodes, like last season, with new storylines, and more guest appearances from old...

GK Music Announces the Final Beat's Myth Album

04/18/2017 21:52
After twelve years and twenty albums, Beat's Myth and its label, GK Music, have announced that its 2017 twentieth album will be the group's last. The album, currently under the working title "Mirror," will feature several new songs, experimental tracks, re-recordings, and a montage of past songs,...

New Episodes Every Friday: "Charlotte Ferris Today"

03/27/2017 11:08
"Charlotte Ferris Today" released its premier episode on March 10th. In that episode, Charlotte makes her way to her new apartment in Raleigh, only to find that she has an unexpected room mate--John, who has decided to move to Raleigh, too! After they figure things out and find their own places to...
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