Legacy 2015 Announcement!

09/04/2014 12:29

AMPCorp's 15th Anniversary is fast approaching!

AMPCorp officially started in January of 2000, meaning that this coming January, we will be celebrating 15 years since our first official AMP project.

That means special projects, such as an AMPCorp trivia gameshow kicking off the event soon, commemorative logos, special countdowns and trailers, and much more! One of the biggest aspects of the Legacy 2015 celebration is our Legacy 15 projects, which are revitalized classic projects from each division that take a look back on our history which infusing them with our current style. Here is a list of the Legacy 15 projects:

GK Productions : "GK Star Trek" Short Film (Sequel) [Winter 2015]

                Set a few years after the original GK Star Trek series plotline, this will be a direct continuation of

                the series that started GK Productions and ran from 2000-2003. 

GK Music : Classics Mega-Music Video (Homage) [Spring 2015]

                This music video will include re-recordings of several classic early Beat's Myth songs, as well as

                a potential appearance by Charlotte Ferris, singing the songs that started GK Music.

D-Dowd Productions : "The Amazing James Crabb" Season I (Reboot) [Summer 2015]

                "James Crabb: Hermit Crab Adventures" was in many ways the series that solidified the makeup of

                AMPCorp from 2003 to at least 2011. Though indeed a primitive project, it was the first major endevor

                that we truely produced by ourselves. This new series is a favorite idea of many of us here at AMPCorp,

                and will be a total reboot of the show that started D-Dowd Productions. Really, it will be fondly poking

                fun at the original series, designed strictly to be an action-comedy split into 5 episodes. 

AMP Productions : "Your Friendly Neighborhood Ghost Busters" (Remake) [Fall 2015]

                A short "Ghost Busters" film was included in the very first official AMPCorp project, "AMP Classics."

                This film will be a loose remake of that project, inspired by the same setting and situation. It will

                not be set in the "Ghost Busters" universe of the famous movies. Expect it for Halloween.


Be sure to check this page for updates on all our Legacy 15 events, including a contest starting soon!

And always be on the lookout for updates on our Facebook page (AMP Corporation) and new Twitter page (@amppro5), and most importantly our YouTube channel (amppro5). 

We're very excited for our Leagacy 2015 celebration and hope you'll stay tuned!