"Production of 'Dead or Alive'" by Philip Krieg

01/31/2012 22:20

This editorial, for February of 2012, is by Philip Krieg, who recalls his experiences on the set of the GK Productions film “Dead or Alive” (January 2012).


Production of “Dead or Alive” was bit rushed, but still ended up being a lot of fun.

Working with so many different actors and actresses is always exciting.

Although the action scenes were limited, they were a lot of fun to film. I think I’m finally starting to get used to driving the Jeep, after running it in two films in a row!

Finally, one of the last scenes we filmed, the scene with Linda and Chris [the Miss Monet Scene] was very fun too, along with the interrogation scene which was done earlier that production day.

I very much look forward to filming “Black Abyss” this summer!

-Philip Krieg, Executive of GK Productions