"Spring Projects" by Robyn Moore

04/02/2012 08:01

This editorial, by Robyn Moore, is for the month of April 2012. Moore discusses what it was like working on the set of “The Charlotte Ferris Show” season III and “Three Too Many” season II coming this summer.

Working on “The Charlotte Ferris Show” was a unique and interesting experience because I got to work with Charlotte Ferris. She’s really talented.
I remember the episode “The Big Party.” In the scene where Charlotte cried because other characters were making fun of her, it was really hard not to laugh! It was really funny for me, since I knew that everyone didn’t hate her, and that made it quite laughable.
I also liked talking on the phone in some scenes because I didn’t have to focus on creating a stage presence. I just sort of stared into space. Production seemed to pass quickly on “The Charlotte Ferris Show.”
“Three Too Many,” on the other hand, is a bit more chaotic, possibly because there are more main characters in more episodes, especially with the addition of Alyssa Patches’ new character, Crystal. Season II includes more humor than season I. I really liked the scene where Alyssa’s character was hidden under newspaper, because it was surprising for the audience and my character.

In February I recorded my “The Mrs. Beethoven” album at GK Music. Beethoven has always been my favorite composer of all time. Classical music is the most elegant genre, in my opinion, and Beethoven's music is the epitome of its beauty. Playing his pieces is always so much fun for me. Recording some of his music, however, was a totally new, completely different experience. Playing when I know someone else is listening always makes me nervous. However, I still had a lot of fun recording the songs and paying my small tribute to the greatest composer ever.

I hope to remain involved at AMPCorp; I enjoy working with everyone involved. I hope you enjoy the hard work we put into “Three Too Many” and “The Charlotte Ferris Show!”

-Robyn Moore, Producer in Carpemoore Pictures